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Your destination for hair colour! Discover your most complimentary hair colour and have it created using only the best products for lasting, shiny and vibrant results! Complete your transformation by adding a signature cut and you'll walk out feeling as though you are walking the red carpet! That's what you expect from a Hair Salon, right? Gorgeous hair colour and a stunning cut? You deserve more. Yes, you do!

Here's a glance at what's waiting for you at your Studio experience:

Hairstyle Consultation

A Hairstylist consults with the client on the best hairstyle and hair colour Your hair is an accessory that you can wear a multitude of different ways to express your personal style and emulate the image you want to project. We often look to magazines and celebrities to choose how we want our hair to look. Fortunately, you are unique. The structure of your face and the intricacy of your skin tone and eye colour are yours alone. Our stylists take your desired hairstyle and improve it with slight changes in shape and/or hair colour to suit your unique features. We take you from wanting someone else's style to creating your own signature style.
Ironically, the most requested hairstyles become popular because of how well it suits the celebrity who made it famous. We encourage you to bring us the style you like and allow us to help you LOVE it even more on you.

Your Complimentary Consultation includes:
• Questions to help us understand your career and personal style
• Fusion of your desired hairstyle with your desired frequency of salon visits
• Connecting your available styling time and natural talents with a suitable style
• Analysis of your face shape and its unique dimensions, skin tone and eye colour
• Evaluation of your hair type and hair health
• Thorough explanation of the services you require to achieve your desired hairstyle to ensure your comfort

Bright red hair colour and fashionable haircut

Hair Colour and Haircut

The plan is in place and now its time to get started! You will receive the benefits from pharmaceutical grade Italian hair colour from Compagnia del Colore. This unique colour line uses micro pigments, getting more colour into your hair so your colour can last longer. The conditioning properties of this line keep your hair shiny and healthy and combined with the creativity of your stylist you will receive truly exceptional hair colour! Your haircut is the next step and is essential to showing off your new hair colour. You will see and experience the difference a technically exceptional cut can make by how it compliments you and by how easy your styling routine can be.

Hair being shampooed before the hairstyle


There is nothing like a great shampoo! Sinking back, relaxing and having a luxurious massage is only the beginning of the pampering included in your service. We extend each hair colour and cut service to include a steamy hot towel wrapped around your neck and shoulders to soothe you while you let your mind rest during an indulgent head massage. You will feel the tension melt under our skilled hands!

A Hairstylist teaches a client how to work with a new hairstyle

Hairstyling Lesson

Do you get frustrated when you can't style your hair like your stylist? Being able to easily recreate your hairstyle at home is key in having a look that works for you. Your service includes teaching you the key techniques, tools and products you will need to keep you looking great everyday between salon visits. It may be as simple as using a different brush to style with, blowing downward instead of back like you have been. Styling your hair for you isn't just about making your hair look fabulous - its about interacting and working through the process -until your comfortable with how to care for your new look.

Specialty Techniques

Balayage Hair Colour

Hair colour is applied with the balayage technique Balayage originiated in Paris, France in the 1970's and is translated as 'to sweep' the hair. This technique is a free form of highlighting where hair colour is hand painted directly onto the hair without the use of foils. In North America the interest in this technique began in the late 1990's and has been steadily increasing in popularity ever since. The benefits of this technique are many and it provides a natural 'sun-kissed' look to the hair and requires minimal maintenance. The technique grows out seamlessly, without a harsh line of demarcation when your regrowth comes in. As professionals, this technique offers us a far greater accuracy in placing hair colour according to a client's face shape to create the most complimentary look as well as letting us work with a clients natural hair texture to accent their curls or waves. It is also an essential technique to creating 'tone on tone' looks. Our stylists were trained in the Balayage Hair Colour Technique by Maurice Fiorio (commonly seen on Cityline) at the Fiorio Beauty Acadamey. We have been providing this service since November 2011, and have perfected the many applications available to achieve a multitude of different hairstyles. We continued our education in this technique with an Advanced Hair Painting Class in 2015 with Frances Canola from Whittier, California.

Examples of this technique have been seen all over the red carpet from the more subtle balayage looks to the dramatic 'ombre' technique.

Ombre - Bayalge
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Ombre - Radcliffe
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Ombre Hair
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A Hairstylist trims the hair into a new hairstyle

Trichology Haircut

The Trichology Haircut was made famous by the Beverly Hills salons for their celebrity clientele. Minimal length is removed but split ends that cause the hair to thin are removed. This allows the hair to stop breaking and reach it's longest, healthiest length.
If you are growing your hair or are working towards healthier hair, this is the cut for you.

We recommend you book this specialized cut every 8 weeks to consistently work towards the healthiest hair possible.

A treatment is applied prior to hair colour

Hair Treatments

No matter how gentle the product is, there is always some damage that results from chemical services. Damage can also be a result of heat styling, environmental elements and even from the natural texture of your hair. We take hair care seriously and understand that without healthy hair your hair colour and cut services may not be able to live up to your expectations.
Our number one concern is the integrity of your hair. We are honest with you about what your hair can handle and if we recommend a treatment program for you it is our intention for your to see and feel the difference it will make. Our treatments are In-Studio services, using a combination of techniques for outstanding results.

•Protein Treatment
•Hydrating Treatment
•Scalp Treatment
•Deep Cleansing Treatment


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