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New Talent services are provided by new, apprentice or licensed Stylists working hard to perfect their technical and client service skills through our intensive Stylist Development Program. Keep in mind these Stylists have already, or are soon to complete their hair school training. Our program requires New Talent to take their skills to the next level! There is really only one way for a Stylist to build up their skills and that is through practise. All New Talent Stylists are working at different points in their training process and will therefore offer different services. Skills are initially practised on mannequins until the concept is mastered, and then offered to clients to bring the technical and service skills together into practise.

What you can expect with New Talent Services:

- Services are always supervised by a member of our Artistic Team to ensure your (and our!) satisfaction. You may or may not consult directly with the Artistic Team member but rest assured your New Talent Stylist does!

- During your appointment there will be some teaching opportunities that we will use to the fullest. Our #1 reaction to this from clients is "I love getting to learn this stuff while getting my hair done!". You never know what you might pick up ;)

- Promotions are offered and booked exclusively through our New Talent Facebook Page: Give it a 'Like' to be sure you are kept in the loop!

- Whenever you learn something new it takes slightly longer to do it. Hair is no different! Expect to spend a little extra time in the Studio while here for your appointment.

- We will want to take a before and after picture of your hair (because yes, it will be that epic!) to help build your New Talent Stylist's portfolio. We are perfecting the art of getting shots without showing a client's face so no worries if you aren't a fan of having your picture taken!

- You deserve pampering and we aim to deliver! Enjoy a hot steamy towel on your shoulders and indulge in amazing scalp massage.

- We are serious about healthy hair and teach our New Talent Stylists to be the same. If performing your desired service could risk your strands falling to the floor we will be honest with you about the limitations. Your hair and happiness is top priority!

- Promotions happen frequently for New Talent Services! Did I mention our Facebook page?

Curious about our New Talent Stylists? Check out their bios to get to know them a bit more and have a look at some of their work!

Karlee Palmer
New Talent Stylist

Kathy Groves
New Talent Stylist

And now you are thinking 'How much?', right? No problem! Here's a look at our regular New Talent pricing.
Keep in mind that we run some really great promotions that will still increase your savings off of these prices.


CUT: Precision or soft shapes to flatter your face
Wash and Cut
Wash, Scalp Massage Cut & Style



COLOUR: Create and maintain your solid, signature colour


DIMENSION: Perfectly foiled pieces to compliment your natural or coloured base
Add Colour


BALAYAGE PACKAGES: Personalized hair painting, colour gloss, cut and style
Full Standard
Full Extended
Partial Standard
Partial Extended


DESIGN: Creating a special occasion style or an every day look
Wash and Style
Formal Style


TREAT: Specialized treatments to renew the hair and scalp, includes styling



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